Dawn is Ash’s new female traveling companion in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl anime series, and she is also featured in Diamond and Pearl and Platinum video games but she is Professor Rowan’s assistant (if you’re playing as the boy character only, if you’re the girl then you get Lucas who is never truly revealed in the anime nor the games.) and you only see her very little. But in the anime, she is a ten year old who dreams about becoming a Grand Coordinator like her mother in Pokémon contests.

She chooses Piplup as her starter and she gains more Pokémon as the series moves on. Those Pokémon are Pachirisu (caught by Dawn), Buneary (caught by Dawn), Ambipom (obtained from a trade with Ash), Mamoswine (caught by Dawn), and Cyndaquil (hatched out of a Pokémon egg that was given to her by Lyra). Soon she is at the Grand Festival and she is against her rival and friend Zoey in the final round. It was a close match, but in the end Zoey wins, but after this defeat she decides to keep traveling with Ash and Brock. Once Ash and Brock’s journey ended she watched as her two friends leave on the ferry to the Kanto region. Once they left she has decided she’ll continue to become a Grand Coordinator but her contests will now take place in the Hoenn region.



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